Albert Lu

Albert Lu

Albert Lu

President and CEO, Sprott US Media
Former Managing Director of
WB Advisors, LLC

Albert Lu serves as President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Media, Inc. and a portfolio manager under Sprott Asset Management USA Inc.

Prior to joining Sprott, Lu was the managing director of WB Advisors, LLC—a Houston-based retail financial advisory firm—as well as the producer and host of The Power & Market Report, a weekly online market news and opinion program.

In building client portfolios, Lu’s methods aim for long-term success while minimizing short-term market volatility. This is achieved through a long-only, diversified strategy, which incorporates a wide range of asset classes including equities, bonds, and precious metals.

Lu, a proponent of the Austrian School of Economics, holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.

Lu is a researcher, presenter, and producer of online financial news. He was also a published researcher/inventor with over 250 engineering citations and 2 patents.

About Sprott U.S. Media

As an independent media subsidiary of Sprott U.S. Holdings, Sprott U.S Media strives to produce the highest quality and most reliable market news and commentary in the natural resources sector. Their vision is to connect scarce knowledge with the people who seek it and to inspire intelligent investing decisions.

About Sprott Asset Management USA Inc.

Sprott is an alternative asset manager with deep experience in natural resources and precious metals. Sprott provides investors with a full range of investment options.

Sprott Asset Management USA Inc. (“Sprott USA”) is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser firm that is a member of the Sprott Group of Companies (“Sprott Group”). The Sprott Group offers a collection of investment managers united by one common goal: delivering excellent long-term returns to their investors. Their investment team, led by Rick Rule and Jeff Howard, pursues a deeper level of knowledge and understanding which allows it to develop macroeconomic sector and company insights.

Sprott USA will offer investors the opportunity to have access to Rick Rule and the rest of the Sprott USA team. They make the investment decisions for you, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that they are investing your capital in the companies they are researching where they find the best value. With decades of combined experience, their investment professionals will provide you with service that cannot be found in many investment management companies. Their portfolio managers have experience in the technical side of the business, so they feel that their investment advisory service is invaluable to their clients.

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