Col. Jonathan Shaffner

Col. Jonathan Shaffner

Col. Jonathan Shaffner

Director of Business Development at
MBO Partners
Former Combat Aviator, Pentagon Strategist,
and Public Affairs Officer

Colonel (Retired) Jonathan Shaffner is a 25 year Army veteran who served around the world, with over 5 years deployed to combat zones. He performed in various roles, from combat aviator, to strategist, to operational leadership through most phases of our recent conflicts. Colonel Shaffner also spent three tours in the Pentagon working on the military budget, building a new defense agency, and in public affairs. He current works with MBO Partners as a director of business development to bring a more dynamic workforce model to government contractors and the military industrial complex.

Jonathan has been a military problem solver for 25 years, bringing a unique mix of military and business processes to create effective models that make most efficient use of available resources. He twice worked to design the strategy in Afghanistan, once in the very beginning of the conflict by developing an air-centric support network and again as US forces began to transition the country to own-rule. He focused on driving economic growth and governance, making the most of very limited resources. He also designed a highly successful logistics operation that ensured the responsible removal, redistribution, and at times recapitalization of resources from one of the most austere and dangerous environments on the planet. In command positions, his organizations were repeatedly recognized for high efficiency in production and great effectiveness in operation.


He authored two papers for publication on the micro-economic impact of external assistance in a combat zone and continues to research and provide comment on economic impacts of conflict.

Doctrinal Insights Command Economies – Understanding Sustainable Economic Incentives at the Tactical LevelDoctrinal Insights Command Economies – Understanding Sustainable Economic Incentives at the Tactical Level

Naval Postgraduate School Culture and Conflict Review · Sep 1, 2011

The Void in Tactical level Economic DoctrineThe Void in Tactical level Economic Doctrine

Small Wars Journal


Colonel Shaffner earned a BS in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy, A Masters in Military Arts and Sciences with a focus on Operational Planning and Strategy from the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), a Masters of Business Administration from the D’Amore-McKins School of Business at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and a Masters of Military Strategy from the US Marine Corps War College. He was also selected for the high performance leadership course sponsored by Army Forces Command through the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, SC. He is a commercial rotorcraft pilot as well as a private pilot.

About MBO Partners: MBO Partners delivers solutions that make it safer and easier for enterprise organizations and top independent professionals to work together. Through its proprietary platform, MBO has built a comprehensive workforce ecosystem that fuels both sides of the independent economy. MBO strengthens relationships, minimizes risk, and maximizes value for its clients. Its unmatched experience and industry leadership enable it to operate on the forefront of the independent economy and consistently advance the next way of working. 

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