Dr. Ben-Ami “Beni” Gradwohl

Dr. Ben-Ami “Beni” Gradwohl

Dr. Ben-Ami “Beni” Gradwohl

Co-Founder and CEO, Cognovi Labs
Former Managing Director of
Morgan Stanley Modelware

The world is changing fast – new advances in machine learning, alternative data, and emerging technologies are redefining whole industries.

Gradwohl is in a perfect position to take advantage of these developments and help grow existing revenue sources and create new businesses. He is recognized as that rare executive who combines a deep understanding of these new technologies with a sharp business sense of how insights can be leveraged and operationalized to exceed performance objectives.

Throughout his career, from Investment Management and Institutional Securities to Consumer Banking and Fintech innovation, Gradwohl has delivered outsized returns for his clients and institutions. He is a thought leader, an experienced general manager and a team builder, capable of translating strategy into tangible business success.

In his current initiative, he is combining AI with the uniquely human side of the decision-making process to quantify the outcome of people’s actions. This leads to an enhanced understanding of voting, shopping and dining behavior (e.g.), and consequently predictive insights into the underlying drivers of company and stock performance.

Gradwohl is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cognovi Labs, Inc, a firm who uses proprietary technology that captures emotions from social media, understands human behavior, predicts outcomes in real time, and improves decision making. Every partner engagement is unique as they course through their time-tested approach – from the discovery phase through your application of Cognovi’s predictive models.

Gradwohl also founded Finlytix, Inc., a firm that boosts human component of business transactions through a combination of AI, emerging technologies, and psychology.

Gradwohl serves as an advisor for ApplySmart, a broker-focused, cloud-based platform that simplifies the complex real estate transaction process by facilitating data collection, communication, management, security, and compliance for all parties involved. ApplySmart handles every aspect of a real estate transaction in between identifying a property and closing a mortgage.

Gradwohl has been a board member of the NY Advisory Council at Israel Venture Network, a leading venture philanthropy organization recognized for its ability to generate sustainable social impact in Israel since July 2016. Its mission is to enhance the economic and educational opportunities of the country’s less fortunate population. It currently supports over 30 social businesses through venture capital financing, strategic consulting, and business management expertise.

About Cognovi Labs

Each day, consumers write billions of emotion-filled posts on social media.

Cognovi Labs deciphers these posts to provide predictive insights to meet business needs.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in Dayton, Ohio, and NYC, Cognovi provides real-time intelligence across multiple dimensions of social data streams to provide deep insights and actionable information for businesses, investors, agencies, organizations, governments, and public figures.

Its platform of “Emotions-based Artificial Intelligence” technology was developed and incubated at the Kno.e.sis center of Wright State University through multi-million dollar federal grants. After years of intensive R&D, Cognovi Labs was launched in 2016. An Ikove Venture Partners portfolio company, Cognovi Labs is globally recognized for its proven success in predictive analytics using topic-specific sentiments, emotions, and intent algorithms.

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