Dr. Hitendra Patel

Dr. Hitendra Patel

Dr. Hitendra Patel

CEO, IXL Center, Global Institute of
Management Consulting
Founder of Innovation Management

Dr. Hitendra Patel is the founder and CEO of IXL Center, a Cambridge-based global innovation consulting firm. He has helped over fifty global companies and their executive teams drive transformation initiatives to build innovation capabilities and get 10X growth results.

In 2009, Dr. Patel created the IXL Innovation Olympics, a global open-innovation consulting program that helps senior executives with growth challenges tap into solutions from MBA student teams from over across the globe. Over 100 companies and 500 MBA teams have participated in this program and expressed great satisfaction with the results.

Dr. Patel created the IXLerator to help SMEs generate new 10X growth through business ideas adjacent to their core business. It is the largest SME accelerator in the world graduating over 400 companies and a success rate of 60%.

Dr. Patel drove the creation of Innovation Standards and Certification to make innovation a management discipline at the Global Innovation Management Institute, a non-profit organization. Over 6,000 people have been certified to date around the world.

Dr. Patel helped build the Hult Prize, the world’s largest social-impact start-up accelerator with an annual cash award of $1 million. He is on the Board of the Hult Prize.

Dr. Patel teaches at the Hult International Business School, Rotman’s EMBA Program, Yonsei Business School, and Thunderbird. He has taught over 5,000 MBA students.

Dr. Patel is an inspirational key-note speaker at international conferences and at executive leadership summits of Fortune 1000 companies. He has written books such as Greenovate!, Connectivate!, Healthovate!, and is currently working on DOTS!

Dr. Patel was a senior leader of Monitor Group’s and Arthur D. Little’s Innovation Practice. He started his career as a technologist at Motorola and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies.

About IXL Center

IXL Center’s management team previously led the Innovation Practice at Arthur D. Little and The Monitor Group. They taught innovation in top MBA programs. They founded the much needed Global Innovation Management Institute to make innovation management a discipline. With its heritage in management consulting and education, IXL Center has perfected an approach to deliver innovation results and build an innovation capability that is cutting-edge and practical.

IXL Center is a global innovation management consulting and capability-building company that helps corporates, universities, and NGOs grow through innovation by helping them (a) develop innovation breakthroughs or (b) develop innovation management capability to get innovation breakthroughs. They are different from other institutions because of their:

  • Cutting-edge content through 30 years of experience
  • Faculty composed of consultants and Chief Innovation Officers from leading institutions
  • Training locations in Cambridge, Dubai, London, and Shanghai
  • Certificate in Innovation accredited by leading consulting firms, education institutions, and industry leaders.

They also offer a forum for innovation experts and practitioners through their monthly Lessons-from-the-Leaders lecture meetings, monthly Innovator newsletter, and annual conference on innovation.

The IXL Center was founded by senior leaders from Arthur D. Little Management Consulting, the Monitor Group, Hult International Business School, and Innovation Associates.

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