Joe Milam

Joe Milam

Joe Milam

Founder and CEO, AngelSpan, Inc.
Former CIO of Legacy Capital Management

Joe Milam has been the Chief Executive Officer of AngelSpan, Inc. since December 2013. He was recognized as an expert on portfolio management, financial markets, and the psychology and motivations of angel investors. Joe Milam has applied his 29 years of working with high net worth investors to address one of the last underserved needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem – Investor Relations.

With a background in financial analysis, portfolio design and management, financial markets, angel investing, an extended tenure at 3000 Sand Hill Road (clients included senior management of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley Bank), Milam offers unique and historical insights in the psychology and motivations of angel investors.

Milam founded Legacy Capital Management in Roseville, CA in August 1993 and was President until May 2013. He was a fee-based money manager for HNW investors spun out of The Bank in Lichtenstein. Legacy Capital Management delivered first or second quadrant investment results and boutique service in their “multi-family office” setting. He managed Legacy Capital from original purchase, taking $35 million to $200 million in assets under management.

Milam joined the board of directors of a public company (Sonoma West Holdings) to evaluate the shareholder offer for the company’s acquisition. Valuation of sizable venture investment on balance sheet (MetroPCS) was within 5% of eventual IPO price.

During his stay at Legacy Capital, Milam founded Angel Legacy, LLC in April 2000 to September 2003. He worked on the patent to match angel investors with entrepreneurs. Angel Legacy is a web-based database and toolkit aimed to address the funding gap associated with early-stage companies. Their approach addressed both the “left brain/due diligence” issues with the “right brain/affinities” associated with active angel investing. They incorporated various tools to facilitate the functions of the entrepreneurs, angels, and the various advisers to both parties, including portfolio tracking, tax optimization, and investor relations.


AngelSpan, Inc. provides bespoke investor relations services for start-ups to maximize the value and return on that asset. It also provides SMART IR, a tool that allows users to track the company’s progress through the startup life cycle and receive quarterly status updates on business successes.

With their IR Platform and services, entrepreneurs can maintain a proper communication cadence, thus enabling greater connections and enhancing the return on the goodwill with their stakeholders and investors.

The result is that entrepreneurs benefit from greater advocacy from those interested in the success of the startup, and the investors and stakeholders enjoy participating and contributing along the way.

The AngelSpan Team brings over 100 years of aggregate experience in executive management, corporate strategy, technology development, and more. From executives at IBM and Reuters, to directors at Austin Ventures and Scout Island Ventures, their team is comprised of leaders from the corporate and startup ecosystems alike.

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