UAFRS Monthlies

Clay Tokens – UAFRS vs AR Monthly Highlights | Taxes – August 4, 2023

The process of filing every year is met with dread and resignation from businesses and individuals alike. The U.S. tax code is extremely large and complex. What’s worse, even a small mistake could lead to an audit or fine from the IRS. For context, tax statutes passed by Congress into law total about 2,652 pages [...]

Clay Tokens – UAFRS vs AR Monthly Highlights | Enterprise Value – May 5, 2023

In 1993, Quaker Oats bought Snapple for $1.7 billion... about $1 billion higher than what most thought the company was “worth” on Wall Street. Following its previous success with Gatorade, Quaker must have thought it could replicate the formula, leveraging its expertise with supermarkets and retailers to generate great rewards for investors. However, its efforts [...]

Clay Tokens – UAFRS vs AR Monthly Highlights | Interest Expense – November 30, 2022

Last issue, we discussed our financial subsidiary adjustment This adjustment helps rectify the incongruence in balance sheet accounting between operating companies and their bank likefinancial subsidiaries For a bank, its assets are akin to a normal operating company’s liabilities and vice versa This is because traditional loans (which represent liabilities to a retail company, as [...]

Clay Tokens – UAFRS vs AR Monthly Highlights | Depreciation – June 30, 2022

It is a great compliment to say something ages like fine wine. It means that something has gotten better over the years. Over time, fine wine develops a more nuanced and complex flavor that is often thought of as higher quality. Similarly, a person who has “aged like fine wine” has gotten better over the [...]